Bomphcast is a fortnightly podcast of curated and exclusively recorded techno music. It’s run by Fergus Sweetland and Catalyst OP1 along with the help of their close friend Liam White (podcast artworks).

Their idea is to fuel the wave of quality dance music that is brewing in Melbourne. Even in the commercial music realm, the shift to using more minimalistic and gritty sound qualities is becoming evident. It’s an overall sway in music culture that we’re hearing, not just an increase in the number of people indulging specifically in Techno.
So lets form and push it, because it’s coming.

As you, the listener and supporter, are the ultimate reason why we’re doing this, we welcome any feedback, suggestions or recommendations to do with anything. Just send an email to bomphcast(at) and we’ll happily reply.

Keep gronting,

– Fergus Sweetland, Catalyst OP1 & Liam White