From a small town named Schwerin in Germany with super tasty breads and beer that puts the rest of the world to shame, comes Stefan Rein. Stefan is a vinyl DJ who at first wasn’t a huge fan of the core burning style of techno he now entertains. It was due to the opening of a techno club named ‘GERBEREI’ that set him on his path, and 21 years later, he’s still doing it and doing it well.Stefan-Rein

Along the way, Stefan has involved himself in the business side of techno as well. Initially working as the co-operator of the EASYTRAXX-Recordstore as well as the GERBEREI, his catalyst techno club.

In the present day, he performs as a DJ and runs his own record label named ‘PURE TRAXX’, a place where only limited editions and vinyl are available.
So, click through the links and discover the man from Schwerin while you watch your core dismantle and crumble to the ground.



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