D-Rex is a Melbourne local who destroys craniums. He’s been the first to break into our charred category and has won himself a round of thunderous applause from Anhur, the Egyptian god of war.
With recent signings to management company, The Public Works Department, and featured remixes on releases like Disconnect it’s easy to see that D-Rex will be a major part of the driving force of techno in Melbourne. D-Rex
If you’re liking the heat of this mix and are heading down to Earthcore this year, you’ll be able to catch him at the GFR Stage.

But, as he can speak better about himself that we can, below is a Q & A with D-Rex himself.


D-Rex’s Anniversary Mix – 07/07/2016

D-Rex’s Debut Bomphcast – 09/07/2015


Your Bomphcast mix is pushing the upper limits of charred. What’s drawn you to this harder side of techno and what emotion does it evoke in you?

Hi, so i suppose the reason i’m drawn to the hard side of techno is because i grew up listening to metal and hardcore, distorted sounds and high energy are characteristics i like in my music. This style of techno makes me want to cut loose and dance my feet off, it’s a release of all sorts of emotions.


How would you describe the Melbourne techno scene at the moment and which direction do you think it needs to take? Where does it sit in the Australian music culture?

I love Melbourne’s techno scene at the moment, it’s thriving on both internationals and quality local artists and DJs. There’s always so many parties happening every weekend, it’s really great. I just want to see it keep growing and to see some of the local producers start to build international profiles.


Club culture goes hand in hand with the techno scene, yet the two are very distinct things. Whats your comments on the current Melbourne nightlife and club scene? Is there something that Melbourne is missing in its club scene?

Melbourne hasn’t exactly got a weekly techno night which is something I’d love to see. I don’t really go clubbing, I only really go to techno events wherever they may be, a weekly techno party would be great though.


You run a hybrid live set when you play. What’s the inner workings of your set and what’s the concept behind it?

The hybrid set was inspired by Chris Liebing and Surgeon. Currently I run 4 decks on Traktor controlled by a Xone K2, which I have synced to my modular synth via an Arturia Beatstep. I layer up tracks in Traktor in a similar way to Liebing and then improvise additional sounds with the modular similar to how Surgeon played at Dekmantel last year. The set gives me the creativity of a live set and the flexibility of a DJ set, I felt myself becoming a bit of a one trick pony playing my straight up live set.


How did you start out making music and when did you decide it was something that you wanted to follow to forge a career path out of?

I’ve been making music since I was a young boy playing guitar. When I was 19 or so I got into electronic music. I’ve always enjoyed creating music and expressing myself through the medium. A few years ago I started an audio production degree at SAE, I learnt a lot of valuable production skills that have helped me come a long way since then. A career in music seemed inevitable for me.


You’ve released with Green Fetish Records and are affiliated with the Bunker crew. What do each of these crews represent for Melbourne techno?

Those two crews are doing a lot for Melbourne and are helping the scene to grow. Bunker really support the local scene quite strongly with their events and through their TRNSMT show; they also bring out some real high quality acts from time to time, artists that have never played here before. Green Fetish Records are putting Melbourne on the map with the label growing with every release and they throw some really wild parties too. GFR are a label that are willing to give new artists a chance, I’m really happy to be a part of that.


This year, you’ll be playing a set at Earthcore with the GRF crew and Perc & Truss. What’s your thoughts leading up to the festival? Whats your take on the ‘bush doof’?

I’m really excited for Earthcore, I’ve never played a festival before and now I’m supporting two of my favourite artists at a huge festival. The only ‘bush doof’ I’ve been to is Inner Varnika, I had lots of fun getting dirty with my mates for the weekend.


What’s a set or and act you’ve seen which deeply moved you and had an influence on your music journey?

I think one of the most influential sets for me was Chris Liebing at Berghain in 2012. He played a 10 hour set and I couldn’t stop dancing, afterwards I said to myself I want to play like that and be in total control of the music and the party the way he was.

Mickey Nox – Television (Hector Oaks Remix)
Regal – Pompous
Yan Cook – Shift
AnD – The Jellyfish
Clouds – Male Vaporum
Go Hiyama – 08 mmm.76um
AnD – Gravitational Waves
Interferon – Sterile Caste
DJ Emerson – Anonymous
Plukkk – B1
Jay Clarke – The Chase (JoeFarr Remix)
Lag – Kontrol (Bas Mooy Remix)
Dax J – No Reality
AnD – Dusty Artefacts
Flug – Experience
Vegim – Black Walk
Energun – Rocking The Boat
– Signal 3
Rebekah – Equilibrium
Forward Strategy Group – A Marvel
The Plant Worker – Zodiac
Tunnel – Abseiler
Antigone – Astragral