Breaking into the double digits of Bomphcast’s hall of techno is the vinyl junkie, Jordan Peters.
Initially Jordan began with DJing, finding an affinity with vinyl, but he now indulges producing as well. This upbringing behind the decks has inset a strong sense of what makes a great track and this influence can be heard in his productions.Jordan-Peters

As a DJ, he’s supported Marcel Dettmann, Truncate, Jonas Kopp and Ø [Phase] as well as playing at the Subsonic Music Festival. He also hosts parties in Sydney via his event organization called Anomaly Events.



You run a series of parties in Sydney called Anomaly. What’s the concept behind Anomaly and what do you think these parties bring to the table that is unique in Sydney?

Anomaly was started with my mate Gareth Psaltis originally as a space for our friends to play, and evolved into a series of parties touring some of our favourite artists. I guess a unique element of Anomaly could be the sound you can hear at our parties – the main musical style is deep and trippy, where you can get lost in the music on the dancefloor. I’ve definitely found myself completely lost in the music at our parties seeing artists such as Rabih Beaini blending Gregorian chants, middle eastern vibes and pounding techno, or seeing Dino Sabatini transport a whole warehouse to somewhere deep in space with his multi-layered psychedelic techno.


What made you decide it was the right time to start running parties around the city? What have you learnt from putting these parties on?

Our first parties were illegal raves in forests on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, the logistics were crazy and after a big party got shut down early into the night we transitioned into predominantly club gigs in the city. After putting on parties in a number of different venues and spaces, you learn how all of the different elements of a night combine to make the party – location, sound, lights, visuals, artists running order, they’re all important elements to consider in creating the right flow and vibe for a night.


Where do you see Anomaly in a few years time and what have you got planned for the immediate future?
Anomaly will keep touring artists we love and bringing new faces to Australia. We’re working on some parties for the remainder of the year, nothing has been announced yet so keep your ears to the ground (aka
What is your take on the techno scene in Sydney and how have the lock out laws affected it? Is there something that gets under your skin about the music scene in the city?

The lock out laws have affected not just techno, but every music scene in Sydney. The positive from this is there are enough passionate promoters / DJs / producers / punters that will continue bringing the music. I think whatever government restrictions are imposed there will always be a way around it to keep the music going; start parties earlier, move outside the lockout zones, find new spaces… We can hope the lockout laws will be abolished, but for now there are still great techno parties week in and out.
You’ve supported some of the techno greats including Marcel Dettmann, Truncate, Jonas Kopp and Ø [Phase]. What was the experience like supporting these techno lords and what did you take from your experiences?

It’s always a great experience being on the same lineup and supporting some of my favourite DJs and artists from around the world. The party with Marcel Dettmann hosted by Charades and The House Of Mince was quite a long party by Sydney standards (from 9PM – 6AM) and I was playing the opening set, so I decided to start with an ambient opening which I hadn’t done at a party before. That was fun creating a different vibe to usual for doors open before Marcel came on later that night to tear down the walls. The recording of the start of that set is here.


What’s one of the best memories you’ve had from being on the same lineup as some of the international artists?

A few months ago I played a B2B set with Methodix closing the main floor after Ø [Phase] at the Dimensions Festival Sydney launch party hosted by Something Else & Charades at The Burdekin. I wasn’t too sure what to expect from his set but he was really working it, playing some fast and slamming techno – by the end of his set when we jumped on the decks it was up to 138BPM so we got to play some crazy hammer techno. When lights came on I played an Aphex Twin classic for the last track – Didgeridoo. That was definitely one of my most memorable sets from recently!


What draws you in about playing techno on vinyl? Is it hard to seek out a library of tracks in Sydney?

For me mixing on vinyl is a touch and feel preference, as well as a visual thing. It’s funny you mention a ‘library of tracks’ because when I’m playing out, I can’t imagine looking at a screen scrolling through a digital library of tracks as opposed to flicking through my record bag looking for my next tune. Of course everyone has their own style and preference for mixing but for me I enjoy physically flipping through my tunes and finding that next track. In terms of sourcing records in Sydney – I’d say around 95% of my wax I order from overseas so there’s no geographical impact! I should probably spend more time at local record stores.


What is the concept behind your channel pulse podcast series and how did you deliver that concept?

I started the Channel Pulse series as a place to host my mixes. It really varied how the mixes came about – sometimes I had a specific idea of what I wanted to achieve in a mix, for example focusing on a certain vibe or style, or starting here and ending up there, and other times I would get a sudden urge to record a mix and just jump on the decks and start mixing. I ended the Channel Pulse podcast with the 20th episode ‘Warp Drive’, a two-hour mix that starts deep and trippy, and builds up into some heavier techno.

Kaito – Release Your Body (beatless version) [Kompakt]
Signalweiss – Artificial [Fracture]
Voices From The Lake – Twins In Virgo & Reprise [Prologue]
Conforce – Receiver [Delsin]
Giorgio Gigli & Ness – Resin [Planet Rhythm]
Rødhåd – Kinder Der Ringwelt [Dystopian]
Post Scriptum – Human Timescales [Ostgut Ton]
Marco Shuttle – Sing Like a Bird [Peter Van Hoesen remix) [Time To Express]
Spear – Blood Inside (M Craven remix) [White Rose Records]
Korridoor – Taotast [Northern Electronics]
Reeko – Passage17.1 [Mental Disorder]
Aiken – Reductive [On & On]
Sleeparchive – Senza Titolo One [MORD]
Exercise One – Look at the Harlequins [Exone]
Henning Baer – Everyday Life [Sonic Groove]
Abdulla Rashim – No Borders [Northern Electronics]