The Italian peninsula is known for its output of powerful, atmospheric and emotive techno, and Luigi Tozzi is just one supreme example of this type of sound. Hailing from Rome, Tozzi is a young producer and DJ who’s Luigi-Tozziinfluenced by the deep and atmospheric sounds that are coming from the capital city and whose contributions to techno have piqued the interests of Edit Select, Claudio PRC and Deepbass; producers who Tozzi has featured with on the Outis Music imprint. Tozzi has also released on Dynamic Reflection and swedish label Hypnus Records.

We really enjoy the vibe of this mix, as it takes you on a deeply introspective journey of the mind while allowing yourself to feel like you’re floating out in the cosmos.
There is no Q&A this round as Tozzie would like “the music to do the talking”. And it does it well.