The pace slows down a little this fortnight, but the vibe remains high with a selection of premium tracks expertly stitched together.advancedhuman
Advanced Human began his career in the early 90’s during the rave era in Australia under the name of DJ Hi-Shock. Now, he focuses more on producing and running his label, Elektrax.

Head to the artists page of the Elektrax website and feast on the massive amount of names. It’s an immediate beginning to discovering many new sounds from all over the world.
Reminds me a lot of, essentially a data base for weird stuff (and sometimes not so weird).

This is a definite mix to download for car trips where you don’t want to be going 100km/hour. So maybe flick over to it when you’re driving through school zones.

Kristian Heikkila Feat. Petra Valej – The Killing
Jordan Louis – Binkie’s Jam
Tarbeat – Synoptic
Coeter – 98
SERi – Unknown Pressure 1
Mattias Fridell – Bengal
Advanced Human – Charisma
Tarbeat – Winter Noise
Pjotr G & Dubiosity – Closure
Antonio De Angelis – Singular Dream
Coeter – 148
Tarbeat – Synoptic (JC Laurent Remix)
Salvador Roibon – Master of Distraction
Micol Danieli – Disclosure
Pjotr G & Dubiosity – Anxiety
JC Laurent – Mighty Wind
Pjotr G & Dubiosity – The Fixer (Mary Velo Remix)