Phuriphonics is a mix machine. 32 mixes in March alone says that quite clearly. The content of his mixes can range anywhere from a favorite film from the 80’s to ambient music, so definitely check out his Soundcloud, website or Youtube for an eclectic selection of music, all mixed very well.Phuriphonics

For his Bomphcast mix, he took conceptual inspiration from Jeff Mills’ Live at the Liquid Room set in that it was broken down into 3 segments with different musical focus.
He has broken his set into two segments; Initiative and Reactive:

“I wanted to put the listener into a DJ kind of frame of mind thus initiative is a reflection of me using my instinct and feelings to work out the (imaginary) crowd/dancers, testing the waters as it were.
The reactive segment is simply to provoke a reaction. That is to dance like a lunatic. I have many fond memories of nights that played out like this.
Anyway, I hope it works.”


Initiative Segment:


1. Coil – Triple Sun Introduction [Threshold House, 2005]
2. The Modeller – Putty [Descent, 1998]
3. Photek – Under the Palms [Science, Virgin, 2000]
4. Robert Fripp and Brian Eno – Gasp [, 2006]
5. Sunn 0))) – Sin Nanna [Southern Lord, 2005]
6. Mike Parker – Hiss [Dozzy Records, 2005]
7. Rødhåd – Mines of Mars [Dystopian, 2014]
8. Plastikman – Contain [NovaMute, 1998]
9. Rrose – Waterfall [Sandwell District, 2011]
10. System 7 – Alphawave (Plastikman’s Acid House remix) [Butterfly Records, 1996]
11. Samuli Kemppi – Resonant Object [Children of Tomorrow, 2014]
12. DVS1 – Running [Klockworks, 2009]
13. Arnaud Le Texier – Define [Affin LTD, 2014]
14. Mike Parker – Gumma Forest (The Ride mix) [Geophone, 2015]
15. Mental Resonance – Man From Earth 4 [MindTrip Music, 2015]
16. Xhin – Dark Tiled Landscape [Token, 2013]
17. Surgeon – Sleep (Ultra Violet) [Dynamic Tension Records, 2000]
18. Kellener and Marla Singer – Fonction 2 (Developer remix) [Nachtstrom Schallplatten, 2015]
19. Kazuya Kawakami – Concerted Action [HueHelix, 2011]
20. Makaton – 4 Point Suspension [Blueprint, 2015]
21. Dustin Zahn – Lost in Rapture (Steve Bicknell remix) [Enemy Records, 2015]
22. Deuce – Twerp Wiz [Ostgut Ton, 2009]
23. Max Duley – Lapsed [Unknown]
24. Kaelan – Legacy [Persistence, 2015]
25. Joey Beltram – Ball Park (Steve Bicknell remix) [Tresor, 1998]
26. Twerk – Humantics [Force Inc. Music Works, 2000]
27. Severed Heads – Dead Eyes Opened (Extended mix) [Nettwerk, 1998]


Reactive Segment:


28. Demdike Stare – Black Sun [Modern Love, 2011]
29. Pan Sonic – Johdin [Blast First, 2011]
30. Pete Namlook – Trip 4 [Ambient World, 1994]
31. Popol Vuh – Aguirre 1 [Kosmische Musik, 1982]
32. Haxan Cloak – Archaic Device/dialogue from Kill List [Aurora Borealis, 2011]
33. Ade Fenton – Broken (Chris McCormack remix) [Materials, 2008]
34. Regis – Fragment 2 [Downwards, 2014]
35. Takaaki Itoh – Hear Nothing [MB Selektions, 2005]
36. Ryuji Takeuchi – 10.2 [Limited G, 2015]
37. Mono Region – Region 2 (A Ticket to Mars) [Belief System, 20014]
38. Uncode – G (Mental Resonance Hypnotik mix) [Affekt Recordings, 2015]
39. Developer – In Pure Form 09 [Modularz, 2014]
40. Developer – Signal 4 [Weekend Circuit, 2015]
41. DJ Deep and Roman Poncet present Adventice – Hydraulic Pump [Tresor, 2015]
42. Drax – Acid Brick [Perc Trax Limited, 2015]
43. Sleeparchive – A Man Dies in the Streets Pt.1 A2 [Tresor, 2013]
44. Ryuji Takeuchi – Kijk [Brood Audio Germany, 2014]
45. J Tijn – Fucklebucks [Pennyroyal, 2013]
46. Stanislav Tolkachev – Every Body is Somebody’s Fool [Plector, 2012]
47. Robert Hood – Red Passion 1 B1 [Duet, 1999]
48. Regis – Speak to Me [Downwards, 1995]
49. Developer – Alone [Modularz, 2013]
50. Mental Resonance – Eternal Adolescence [Children of Tomorrow, 2015]
51. Plural – Break Dat [Home Recordings, 2013]
52. Shadow Dancer – Breakable (J Tijn remix) [GND Organistaion, 2013]
53. Teste – The Wipe (Steve Bicknell version) [Edit Select, 2015]
54. SPK – Necropolis/dialogue from Bad Boy Bubby [Side Effects, 1988]

“Late 1999 I descended the steps into a murky basement whose walls were slick with sweat and vibrated with the incessant rap of a four four beat somewhere in the realm of 135 to 140bpms.
At the foot of the stairs the bar lined the left side of the wall, whilst scattered chairs and stools occupied the right hand side of the passage.  Ahead lay the barely visible dance floor.  Amongst the spewing action of the smoke machine, limbs writhed and contorted like a Chris Cunningham video.
A red strobe light cut geometric patterns into the haze and the sweet/sickly stench of hash and weed fought for their hierarchy amongst body odor and spilt beer. Ecstatic screams and aggressive, yet high pitched shouts of pleasure somehow placed themselves above the frenetic frequencies that filled my ears and mind.
Tribal drums, scything hi-hats and cymbals and that unrelenting four to the floor beat poured over me, drenched me and elevated me above the temporal here and know.  Physically and spiritually I was undergoing a life changing and life affirming transformation – nothing would be the same again.


That was my first experience of Voodoo in Liverpool, UK one of the premier Techno nights that ran in Britain.  James Ruskin was on the ones and twos and I was to see him play again over the following years at the Orbit in Leeds and Atomic Jam in Birmingham to name but two.  Week in, week out I went all over the UK following this sound and the purveyors of this music.  Lost in London, House of God in Birmingham, Jeff Mills, Dave Clarke, Space DJz, Oliver Ho, Robert Hood, DJ Rush, Regis, Surgeon, Claude Young and many, many more.
Following their examples I got myself decks and a mixer (and an healthy appetite for buying vinyl) and attempted to create those moments of musical magic and bliss in the confines of my bedroom.  Like an acolyte of the occult and magic, my pentagrams, melted candles and burnt offerings were the platters of 1210s and the faders of a Pioneer DJM600 with an apparently never ending supply of virgin vinyl.

And so, 16 years later I find myself still in the confines of my ‘bedroom’ attempting to conjure up the Techno spirits of yore, but 1210s have transmogrified into a Traktor S4 and black circles of wax have become files of flac and 320 – yet still I like to believe that the essence and dynamism has remained:, that ability of instigating emotions and memories and rejuvenating the dark beauty of that thing we know and love called Techno.” – Phuriphonics