Tomo Hachiga BomphcastTomo Hachiga calls himself a “dark minimalist” and focuses his sound on the dark side of industrial dance music, something that is less heard of from Japanese producers.

Based in Tokyo, Hachiga’s been involved with music since 1997. He learn’t his skill set in a music studio environment and since his DJ debut in 1998, he has pleased large crowds all around the nation of Japan. The natural progression following this for Hachiga was to start organising events around Tokyo, the results being the birth of Fusion in 2003 and in 2008, No Borders, which was held in one of Tokyo’s legendary clubs, Warehouse 702.

Aside from DJ’ing and event promotion, Hachiga has been active in the studio, having released a vast catalogue of music since 2011 on labels such as Darknet, Hypnotic Room, Mental Records and more.

Tomo Hichiga’s: