Tred BomphcastGive greetings to Tred, a Perth dweller who’s done the thing most of us want to do: moved to Berlin to spin and make tracks.

His mix for you is a representation of this recent move as he recorded it in Berlin and used a majority of vinyl bought in the city.

Operations in Australia included the co-managing of Perth based party organizer Polyrhythmic (which still continues in his absence) and a the beginning of an ongoing exploration into ambient mixes, one of which can be heard here.

Despite his move to Berlin, you need not fear, Tred will be coming back to Aus momentarily to play a series of shows all over the country:
•Dance Technique Nov 17th (Melb)
•Charades x Something Else with Eric Cloutier Dec 16th (Syd)
•Polyrhythmic Dec 17th (Perth)
•Subtrakt January 14th (Bris)