gestalt bomphcastGestalt is a budding Melbourne DJ who sounds very promising.
Having had our bush doof senses revitalized last weekend, we think it’s easy to notice it’s influence on Gestalt’s mixes. We’ve always wondered if there’s a Melbourne techno sound, maybe out of ego or a desire to give our city some importance, and maybe the presence of bush doofs are it? There’s definitely something infections about the Australian bush with its eucalyptus trees, fine dirts and shitty beers that demands a certain type of vibe. Perhaps it’s starting to filter into our techno?

In any case, Gestalt’s personal description of his mix is that “it’s a narrative of the dichotomy experienced in the internal world – the ebb and flow between the voices that inform the self”.
I speak for myself when I say that that’s happened to me at mainstage.

Reminder: Bomphcast’s first club event featuring Bomphcaster [029] Jake McDonald for an extended 3+hour set is on the 9th of Dec. Facebook event here.