Just En lives in Göteberg, Sweden and like many music makers from that far north region, has a taste for the bleak and mystical. His Sputnik EP was a treat to listen to and was a strong contributing factor to inviting him on for a Bomphcast. After listening to some of his mixes and hearing that the aesthetic of his production style was maintained in his mixes, we got excited about presenting his sounds to you.
His mix contains only music made by Swedes (except for a Rødhåd) remix and “definitely has a dark and winter vibe, something that is understandable when the daylight hours are so short, and people rarely see the actual sun”.

So ahead of you and including some of Just En’s own productions, is a truely authentic sound from the far north and the embodiment of a polar opposite state of climate.

Just En’s latest EP titled ‘Folds’ is out and can be heard via his soundcloud page.

Just En’s:

Fjäder // Nordanvind
7685 //
Andra Akten / Dasha Rush
Korridor // Northern Electronics
Birds Ov Paradise // Jens Records
Skymn // Hypnus
Evigt Mörker / Array Access
Abdulla Rashim //
offworldcolonies // Under Molnet
Acronym / Irazu
Petter B // Bond
just en // Svårmod Records
Patrick Siech // Parabel
Svreca / Rødhåd
just en // unreleased
Jonsson & Alter / Donato Dozzy // Kontra Musik
Jana Sleep //