This 47th Bomphcast perfectly exemplifies one of our core goals, presenting the Melbourne techno scene. Simon Slieker is co-manager of one of the most respectable Australian techno labels, Machine, and also carries a wealth of history with regards to personally adding to Melbourne’s scene. Since the early 90’s Simon has most notably been a vital contributor at the Every Picture Tells a Story parties in the early 90’s, Centriphugal, Revolver and Escape as well as serving 8 years with Teriyaki Anarki Saki and 10 years with Technoir.

You only need to listen to the beginning 15 minutes of this mix to realize that Simon approaches techno with a strong case of contemplation, purpose and stark technical proficiency. The tribalistic sounds at the beginning carry unflinchingly through the entire mix, regardless of its gradual progression into a modern soundscape and this is due to the authenticity in his approach. ‘Tribalism’ can be a bit of a buzz word associated with techno and isn’t often conveyed that effectively, which depreciates the value of the concept, so we are pleased to present to you a mix of severe technical quality as well as a glaring example of true modern tribalism.

Simon, a tasty selection of the Machine Label crew and other hot Melbourne selectors are playing at My Aeon this Saturday. Get down.
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