Harold BomphcastHarold is one alias of this local Melbourne DJ. His sound, as you will hear, is quite unique sporting inflections of 80’s synth lines, Detroit techno and modern house flavours all meeting in a satisfying and quirky way.
He’s currently out of town for the Cutting Room Ep tour, so keep posted via the Steeplejack Facebook page below for their gigs in various cities. When in Melbourne, he runs the club night, ¿Club D’érange? and also heads Steeplejack, essentially a label, but should also be considered a resource as that crew are putting out some very interesting and genre developing sounds.
So if you’re in Melbourne and wanting to hear these kinds of sounds, often with support of solid modular performances and straight up techno, keep a look out for the next ¿Club D’érange? night because that’s where it’s happening.

Harold (Facebook)
• Steeplejack (facebook) —- (Soundcloud)
¿Club D’érange? (Facebook)