Jim Z (real name James Hilan) is a tributary to the Brisbane underground music scene. His sortie into the world of electronic music begun in 2012, playing a blend of underground 90’s hits and modern house. Since then, Jim’s range of influences has broadened out to include funk & jazz, electro, techno on more recently, breakbeat music. We can say hand on heart that James has crafted his own DJ style which is very evident in his mixer work. He has a fantastic fader and filter control which brings the mix alive. Quickly and effortlessly switching between vinyl selections, it becomes quite clear that Jim Z is a skillful turntablist, someone who’s committed time to his craft, so much so that he’s supported the likes of Terry Farley, Mr. G, Mall Grab, Tama Sumo, Marcellus Pittman, Smallpeople, Francis Inferno Orchestra and others.

Aside from DJ’ing, Jim Z has his own rave-inspired event series called Higher State which focuses on “…providing harder, faster, and more challenging dance sounds to Brisbane’s underground scene”. He also produces house, jungle & down tempo music under different aliases, notably contributing a track to the heavyweight Garage label SNAZZY TRAXX [UK] in 2015.

Jim Z’s:
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