SFBM is a local Melbournian who has a taste for hard, industrial and mechanical techno music. He’s an active constructor and participator in the local Melbourne techno scene as witnessed through Node, his weekly show on SFBM BomphcastTRNSMT.tv, a website where local DJ’s/live acts have the opportunity to perform over a live stream straight to your computer or mobile device.
Node has recently undergone the transition into a techno collective as well. With the strength of participation that SFBM has in the local techno scene, the Node Techno Collective is definitely one to keep up to date with as it’s constantly got the goods on offer.
SFBM is also one half of the duo, Smoke, who have also done a Bomphcast for us. Listen here.

Node Techno Collective


01. Swarm Intelligence – Gulf
02. Richard Bartz – Subway Pt.1 (Mark Broom Remix)
03. Lewis Fautzi & Nuklear Default – Turn (Original Mix)
04. Dax J – Rebirth (Original Mix)
05. Lenson – Sigma
06. Pacou – Robot M
07. DJ Boss – Hydromorf (Radial Remix)
08. SNTS – S9
09. CNCPT – 000.1
10. Pfirter – Equilatero
11. Tensal – PGB5A
12. Petrou – Une
13. Etapp Kyle – Eon (Original Mix)
14. Discogs – Real Love EQ Italy (Donato & Giorgio Gigli Version)
15. Reeko – Startling Idea
16. Xhin – Vent (Pfirter Remix)
17. Regis – Thirst
18. Unknown Artist – Untitled A1 [PAPERS 003]