SFBM [034]

SFBM is a local Melbournian who has a taste for hard, industrial and mechanical techno music. He’s an active constructor and participator in the local Melbourne techno scene as witnessed through Node, his weekly show on SFBM BomphcastTRNSMT.tv, a website where local DJ’s/live acts have the opportunity to perform over a live stream straight to your computer or mobile device.
Node has recently undergone the transition into a techno collective as well. With the strength of participation that SFBM has in the local techno scene, the Node Techno Collective is definitely one to keep up to date with as it’s constantly got the goods on offer.
SFBM is also one half of the duo, Smoke, who have also done a Bomphcast for us. Listen here.

Node Techno Collective


01. Swarm Intelligence – Gulf
02. Richard Bartz – Subway Pt.1 (Mark Broom Remix)
03. Lewis Fautzi & Nuklear Default – Turn (Original Mix)
04. Dax J – Rebirth (Original Mix)
05. Lenson – Sigma
06. Pacou – Robot M
07. DJ Boss – Hydromorf (Radial Remix)
08. SNTS – S9
09. CNCPT – 000.1
10. Pfirter – Equilatero
11. Tensal – PGB5A
12. Petrou – Une
13. Etapp Kyle – Eon (Original Mix)
14. Discogs – Real Love EQ Italy (Donato & Giorgio Gigli Version)
15. Reeko – Startling Idea
16. Xhin – Vent (Pfirter Remix)
17. Regis – Thirst
18. Unknown Artist – Untitled A1 [PAPERS 003]

SFBM [034]
CLFT Militia [031]

Sergio 69 and E-Car, who are CLFT.

Prepare for battle. For the 31st podcast, Lyon based vinyl label, webzine, events organizer and techno militia present our ears with a high energy mix recorded at Berlin’s Tresor.

Musically, CLFT Militia they take heavy inspiration from the original sounds of Techno and meld them together with modern musical ideas to create a Techno experience that’s forceful, cutting edge and rave like.
These guys are all about Techno, an observation that’s witnessed through their critical involvement in the greater Techno scene through DJ’ing, producing and supporting cutting edge Techno music all over the world. This mix is of course purely vinyl.

RA (Label)

CLFT Militia [031]
Smoke [022]

Smoke is a newly formed techno duo delivering an onslaught of bass driven, reverb heavy, dark and choleric techno by SFBM and Alter Mind. This Bomphcast is mixed on Traktor, however the duo also perform using hardware setups and produce in the studio as well.



Alter Mind

Alter Mind

As well as citing Oscar Mulero, Shifted, Regis, SHXCXCHCXSH, Developer, Ancient Methods and Headless Horseman as their major influences, they also draw inspiration “from the wider concepts of science, engineering and technology” for the productions and vibe towards techno music in general.

• No Soundcloud as of yet. Fresh new techno.

Samuel Kerridge – Waiting for Love 3
Ontal – Output
Truncate – 21
Wire – Distance
Milton Bradley – Assembled
Audio Injection – Disfunction
Audio Injection – Darker (Shifted Remix)
Lucindo – Act 133
Flug – Visceral (A. Mochi, DJ Shufflemaster Main Remix)
Terence Fixmer – Aktion Mekanik Theme (Kobosil 44 Version)
Alberto Pascual – Doer
Hans Bouffmhyre – Increase (Mark Reeve Remix)
Alex Cortex – Huyendo Part 2
Boston 168 – Black Hole
2000 And One – Kawasaki
Kevin Wesp – Destroyed System (Gleis 5 Remix)
Octave – Cracked (Deh-Noizer Remix)
Hans Bouffmhyre – Shine
A001 – Gyno
Drumcell – Disturbance (Tommy Four Seven Remix)
Fusky, Dolgener – Framework
Xhin – Vent (Pfirter Remix)
Flug – Consequences
Flug & Hans Bouffmhyre – Common Interests
Cleric – Restore
Developer – Space And Concrete
Luis Flores – New Flesh (Drumcell Remix)
Paula Temple – Colonized (Perc Metal Mix)
Secluded – Delusional
Jonas Kopp – Alkitran
Norman Nodge – Body to Body
Woo York – I Am Against (Phase Remix)
Pfirter – Iteration
Sleeparchive – 3
British Murder Boys – Don’t Give Way To Fear Pt. 1
Ontal, Dronelock – Relation In Time
Kerridge – MPH

Q: Smoke are pushing for the harsher and darker styles of techno. You describe it as choleric. What attracts you to dark industrial sounds?


With our productions and mixes for Smoke both Aydan and myself strive to create the most industrial and dark soundscapes we can possibly manage. Whilst some of our work can, and does, stray over to the more experimental, noisy, and even ambient areas – we mostly try to maintain a good amount of raw and pounding techno intensity. ‘Choleric’ is a term in psychology that relates to different types of personality. Taken from wikipedia: “Choleric people may be excitable, impulsive, and restless, with reserves of aggression, energy, and/or passion, and try to instill that in others. They can be ambitious, strong-willed and like to be in charge. They appreciate receiving respect and esteem for their work”.
This extract really describes both our personalities, production methods, DJing style and musical tastes quite well. Although our music may be quite confronting and dark, I think that Aydan and I are really laid back guys when it comes down to it. In fact, most of the time when making these harsh, raw and gritty techno tracks we are just hanging out in my studio or chilling in my backyard with our Macbooks whilst chain smoking, haha.

Smoke [022]
Lag [021]

Serbian producer/DJ Lag shows us his way of creating a dark, thought provoking mix that carries an intensity all of its own. Included in this mix are a tasteful balance of ambiance,Lag intriguing spoken word samples and shattering techno.

Lag is a frequent artist on Bas Mooy’s label, Mord. With a name like that (meaning Death), you can start to create a picture of what to expect.
With that suggestion of future listening as well as this charring mix, we bid you farewell until next fortnight.

Lag [021]
Mickey Nox [018]

Since his beginning in 2007, Mickey Nox has been on the quest to develop his own techno sound. This sound currently revolves around heavily effected industrial noises and pounding rhythms, as you will hear both in his releases and in his Bomphcast.

Mickey Nox has played at many quality establishments and events such as DV1 in Lyon and Earthcore in Australia. It’s moments like 23:43 in his Bomphcast that demonstrate a creativity behind the decks and contribute to the reason for his rise through the Melbourne scene and to further lands.

Apart from producing a spinning tunes, Mickey Nox also runs Green Fetish Records, a record label “bringing you the dark, Mickey Noxdifferent and odd forms of music”. Check through the releases there for some more dendrite severing techno.

Mickey Nox’s

Mickey Nox [018]
D-Rex [009]

D-Rex is a Melbourne local who destroys craniums. He’s been the first to break into our charred category and has won himself a round of thunderous applause from Anhur, the Egyptian god of war.
With recent signings to management company,
The Public Works Department, and featured remixes on releases like Disconnect it’s easy to see that D-Rex will be a major part of the driving force of techno in Melbourne. D-Rex
If you’re liking the heat of this mix and are heading down to Earthcore this year, you’ll be able to catch him at the GFR Stage.

But, as he can speak better about himself that we can, below is a Q & A with D-Rex himself.


D-Rex’s Anniversary Mix – 07/07/2016

D-Rex’s Debut Bomphcast – 09/07/2015


Your Bomphcast mix is pushing the upper limits of charred. What’s drawn you to this harder side of techno and what emotion does it evoke in you?

Hi, so i suppose the reason i’m drawn to the hard side of techno is because i grew up listening to metal and hardcore, distorted sounds and high energy are characteristics i like in my music. This style of techno makes me want to cut loose and dance my feet off, it’s a release of all sorts of emotions.


How would you describe the Melbourne techno scene at the moment and which direction do you think it needs to take? Where does it sit in the Australian music culture?

I love Melbourne’s techno scene at the moment, it’s thriving on both internationals and quality local artists and DJs. There’s always so many parties happening every weekend, it’s really great. I just want to see it keep growing and to see some of the local producers start to build international profiles.


Club culture goes hand in hand with the techno scene, yet the two are very distinct things. Whats your comments on the current Melbourne nightlife and club scene? Is there something that Melbourne is missing in its club scene?

Melbourne hasn’t exactly got a weekly techno night which is something I’d love to see. I don’t really go clubbing, I only really go to techno events wherever they may be, a weekly techno party would be great though.


You run a hybrid live set when you play. What’s the inner workings of your set and what’s the concept behind it?

The hybrid set was inspired by Chris Liebing and Surgeon. Currently I run 4 decks on Traktor controlled by a Xone K2, which I have synced to my modular synth via an Arturia Beatstep. I layer up tracks in Traktor in a similar way to Liebing and then improvise additional sounds with the modular similar to how Surgeon played at Dekmantel last year. The set gives me the creativity of a live set and the flexibility of a DJ set, I felt myself becoming a bit of a one trick pony playing my straight up live set.

D-Rex [009]