Matt Radovich [053]

This fortnight we present another local Melbourne lord that needs to be on your radar: Matt Radovich (but he also tends to like Mike Hunt).  An incredibly impressive outline of achievements can be found in the bio of his Soundcloud page where he briefly mentions supporting a vast range of acts from Aphex Twin to Wu Tang Clan as well as being invited by Detroit Techno Militia to play at the Bang Tech 12 Anniversary Party in Detroit.
So instead of writing it all again here, we thought it would be more fitting to include the context with which this mix was made, written by Matt himself.

Every May, I head to the US, to spend some time with great mates in Detroit, during memorial day weekend. During that long weekend the city holds a 3 day electronic music festival called Movement.
In 2013, I made my first trip over and I have been hooked ever since.  This year will be my 5th year heading to Detroit, and since this mix was due around the same time as when I leave for Detroit, it seemed kind of fitting to do a Detroit mix.

This mix was done using most the records I have purchased in Detroit over the last 4 years, plus maybe one or two I have had in my collection for a little while. It covers all kinds of music from Detroit, not just TECHNO.  I hope you enjoy it, it’s not the most perfect mix, in terms of it’s production (there are a few mistakes), but I think the music is top notch!

Thanks again for having me do this mix, I had a lot of fun putting it together.


Matt Radovich [053]
Lag [021]

Serbian producer/DJ Lag shows us his way of creating a dark, thought provoking mix that carries an intensity all of its own. Included in this mix are a tasteful balance of ambiance,Lag intriguing spoken word samples and shattering techno.

Lag is a frequent artist on Bas Mooy’s label, Mord. With a name like that (meaning Death), you can start to create a picture of what to expect.
With that suggestion of future listening as well as this charring mix, we bid you farewell until next fortnight.

Lag [021]
Mickey Nox [018]

Since his beginning in 2007, Mickey Nox has been on the quest to develop his own techno sound. This sound currently revolves around heavily effected industrial noises and pounding rhythms, as you will hear both in his releases and in his Bomphcast.

Mickey Nox has played at many quality establishments and events such as DV1 in Lyon and Earthcore in Australia. It’s moments like 23:43 in his Bomphcast that demonstrate a creativity behind the decks and contribute to the reason for his rise through the Melbourne scene and to further lands.

Apart from producing a spinning tunes, Mickey Nox also runs Green Fetish Records, a record label “bringing you the dark, Mickey Noxdifferent and odd forms of music”. Check through the releases there for some more dendrite severing techno.

Mickey Nox’s

Mickey Nox [018]
Lateral [016]

Lateral is a Melbourne local who steps away from the rhythmic conventions of straight 4/4 kick drums. Something which is heard less and less as Techno evolves.
On top of producing top quality tracks, he is a proficient DJ and has many mixes online to treat your ears to.

Make sure to check out his latest EP here named Piece By Piece. He’s very active on Facebook and Twitter, uploading little snippets and video’s of work in progress. Lateral
As well as this, his label’s website is also a great place to go for news, releases as well as more quality techno. D-REX our 9th Bomphcaster is also represented there.



Do you feel like there’s a trend in any particular direction in terms of the sound of Techno
coming out of Melbourne?

Melbourne seems to have a few varied sections of the techno sound within different
groups of people pushing and promoting their style of techno. I have been to many
events that range from the more house based techno all the way to the crazy, “sizzled”
sounds as ranked on the “Bomph meter.”

In terms of “direction” I cannot be too sure myself. It definitely seems to be dependent on
which style of techno you are into. People see techno as an expression. So the guys and
girls that throw these parties usually have a direction that they want to go down, which
isn’t necessarily the same direction another crew would go with. I guess what I’m trying
to say is that there are so many different branches and sub­genres of Techno that there
can’t really be a “trend.” I tend to think that techno lovers see themselves as more
individualist rather than trend follower… but hey… I could be wrong 😉

What are a few favorite tools of yours for production?

Lately it has been some steady use of parallel distortion/compression through
send/returns. But not just using it as a clean method to make tracks shine… instead, i
push the distortion plugs or compressors to their limits and dial small amounts back into
the original track. I don’t think i’ve created a track without it in the last year or so. Many
articles on the web will give readers an insight on the particulars of said method.
Other than that, the tools are just a few new synths and drum machines. The new analog
Rytm by Elektron is beautiful. The same goes for the Sub 37 by Moog. These two
machines can push some crazy sounds. I think I will be using them a lot in upcoming

Do you have any favorite venues?

My Aeon for the “Machine” nights which run once a month (usually last weekend of the
month). Andrew TIll and Simon Slieker are the nicest guys in my world of techno. They
are not only good blokes, but are extremely professional and always keep the quality of
their events as high as possible. I don’t think i’ve ever been let down there with the

Lateral [016]
Luigi Tozzi [013]

The Italian peninsula is known for its output of powerful, atmospheric and emotive techno, and Luigi Tozzi is just one supreme example of this type of sound. Hailing from Rome, Tozzi is a young producer and DJ who’s Luigi-Tozziinfluenced by the deep and atmospheric sounds that are coming from the capital city and whose contributions to techno have piqued the interests of Edit Select, Claudio PRC and Deepbass; producers who Tozzi has featured with on the Outis Music imprint. Tozzi has also released on Dynamic Reflection and swedish label Hypnus Records.

We really enjoy the vibe of this mix, as it takes you on a deeply introspective journey of the mind while allowing yourself to feel like you’re floating out in the cosmos.
There is no Q&A this round as Tozzie would like “the music to do the talking”. And it does it well.


Luigi Tozzi [013]
Kris Wadsworth [011]

Kris Wadsworth is a name synonymous with original sounding techno, in both meanings of the word. Growing up and absorbing the electronic music culture in Detroit set Kris on a path that would lead him to becoming one of Kris-Wadswroththe Techno Titans of our generation, a stature consolidated by his recent signing to Jimmy Edgar’s Ultramajic label.
Kris is strictly a vinyl only DJ because, as he says in his interview with Bomphcast (below), he sees “vinyl as the cornerstone of [techno] music’s identity”. We at Bomphcast couldn’t agree more. Vinyl DJ’s will by default consistently bring a party with deeper dimensions, as the skill involved in mixing records commemorates the DJ’s appreciation for the music and therefore the appreciation of a heaving crowd. His sets are no different.

Read more of the insightful and wide spanning interview below the mix.

Kris Wadsworth’s:

I first heard your record Uranus 333b from an Andy Hart podcast for Heist Recordings and it blew me away. Immediately after I had a listen to the other works of URANUS and began to wonder if there was an overarching direction/concept that the tracks were following and are to follow? Is this label a constant stream of consciousness and the tracks resulting from it? Or do you selectively produce and pick tracks to be on this label?

If you look into the astrological meaning of the planet Uranus, you may notice similarities in some of the things I have done with the label. Uranus inflicted a generational influence on human beings here on Earth. While my little label is not remotely as significant, the planet’s influence is without question. URANUS tracks are places I travel inwardly, where I really touch a nerve, which hopefully translates to others through the music outwardly. That is the feeling. It feels right or it does not. Only I know and I cannot describe it.

Also, it is strictly vinyl-only because I am still a vinyl-only DJ. Culturally, as a DJ and producer of electronic music for over 16 years, I see vinyl as the cornerstone of this music’s identity. Without vinyl records, there would be no model for CDJs, there would be no USB technology, and the acronym “DJ,” by definition, would not exist. It is the master medium for this music and always will be.

Aside from URANUS, you have a second record label called BREED. What differentiates the two labels from one another?

I think it’s important to release other people’s music. So after releasing my own music on URANUS without any association with nearly any other label for a period of years, I wanted to perhaps “give back,” and take on the responsibility many others have with my music in the past. URANUS is me. BREED is where I release stuff from people I know and will more than likely release specific things of my own.

Also, I recently signed with one of my oldest friends, Jimmy Edgar, for his label Ultramajic.

Kris Wadsworth [011]