Just En [045]

Just En lives in Göteberg, Sweden and like many music makers from that far north region, has a taste for the bleak and mystical. His Sputnik EP was a treat to listen to and was a strong contributing factor to inviting him on for a Bomphcast. After listening to some of his mixes and hearing that the aesthetic of his production style was maintained in his mixes, we got excited about presenting his sounds to you.
His mix contains only music made by Swedes (except for a Rødhåd) remix and “definitely has a dark and winter vibe, something that is understandable when the daylight hours are so short, and people rarely see the actual sun”.

So ahead of you and including some of Just En’s own productions, is a truely authentic sound from the far north and the embodiment of a polar opposite state of climate.

Just En’s latest EP titled ‘Folds’ is out and can be heard via his soundcloud page.

Just En’s:

Fjäder // Nordanvind
7685 //
Andra Akten / Dasha Rush
Korridor // Northern Electronics
Birds Ov Paradise // Jens Records
Skymn // Hypnus
Evigt Mörker / Array Access
Abdulla Rashim //
offworldcolonies // Under Molnet
Acronym / Irazu
Petter B // Bond
just en // Svårmod Records
Patrick Siech // Parabel
Svreca / Rødhåd
just en // unreleased
Jonsson & Alter / Donato Dozzy // Kontra Musik
Jana Sleep //

Just En [045]
Craig McWhinney [043]

Craig McWhinney (Alias: Vohkinne) brings to you the direct taste that he’s pushing in Melbourne at the moment in the form of a recording from a Bunker Music event in October.
He’s a seasoned Melbournian techno DJ and producer with releases on Brendon Moeller’s Steadfast label, Melbourne’s Haul Music and his own Atrophic Society label.

Our last reminder for tomorrow night’s first Bomphcast party. $5 entry – Free shot upon arrival – $3 pots till 12 and extended 3-4 hour set by Jake McDonald [029]. Get around it.
Details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/249928612076357/


Craig McWhinney [043]
Harold [035]

Harold BomphcastHarold is one alias of this local Melbourne DJ. His sound, as you will hear, is quite unique sporting inflections of 80’s synth lines, Detroit techno and modern house flavours all meeting in a satisfying and quirky way.
He’s currently out of town for the Cutting Room Ep tour, so keep posted via the Steeplejack Facebook page below for their gigs in various cities. When in Melbourne, he runs the club night,
¿Club D’érange? and also heads Steeplejack, essentially a label, but should also be considered a resource as that crew are putting out some very interesting and genre developing sounds.
So if you’re in Melbourne and wanting to hear these kinds of sounds, often with support of solid modular performances and straight up techno, keep a look out for the next ¿Club D’érange? night because that’s where it’s happening.

Harold (Facebook)
• Steeplejack (facebook) —- (Soundcloud)
¿Club D’érange? (Facebook)

Harold [035]
ACM [025]

We’re always proud to present hand selected techno music. But this is a double whammy. Not only is ACM a local Melbourne ACMmusician, but he also plays live using analogue hardware and no computer.

He originally begun as a DJ (and still does when booked to do so), but transitioned to a hybrid DJ/Live setup after seeing the way Jeff Mills performed in 2013. Since then, he’s gone down the full analogue path for his live sets.
We normally request mixes/recordings to be done exclusively for this podcast, but with the amount of recent articles downplaying the effectiveness of live techno, we are compelled to offer a solid counter argument.

As alluded to above, this is a recording of ACM’s set at Revolver Upstairs on the 13th of March.
If you like what you hear ACM has upcoming gigs at Revolver Upstairs, The Mercat Basement and The Substation.

A run down of his setup is quoted here from his interview on whonosmusic.com:
“The heart of my live show at the moment is the Arturia Beatstep Pro – this is the main sequencer for everything. For drums I use a Vermona DRM1 and an MFB 522. The majority of my bass lines come from the Moog Slim Phatty but I like to take the Korg Volca Bass and Mochika as back up. For arpeggios, pads, leads and all sorts of other whacky stuff I use my Roland System 1 and Korg MS2000r. I’ve also got a Kaosspad in my setup for its variety of delays and reverbs. That’s everything at the moment.”

Mix mastered by D-REX.



ACM [025]
Don Blaster [019]

Hidden identities and non-existent internet presence will either aid or hinder a producer. This is because the music becomes the one offering that’s relied upon to bring audiences back, instead of  being assisted by overactive social media feeds pluging gig and mix announcements. Don Blaster is an example of someone who’s from the anonymity path and doing it well.


Don Blaster (left) & Catalyst from Back Burners

He comes from the Melbourne based duo, Back Burners, who are predominantly a live act and production team. However, he also has a lust for spinning tunes. If you were to only know Don Blaster from the Back Burners operation, you wouldn’t pick that he’s not only a slayer of the TR-8, but also a heat bringer behind the decks as you will hear with this two hour mix.

Don Blaster can only be reached through Back Burners.


The Suburbs – Antigone
Auster – Cosmin TRG
Don’t Stop No Sleep – Radio Slave
Track 2 – Kaelan
Trow (Sterac Remix) – Maan
Sc1 – Rumah & Progression
Silenced Part 2 – Mark Broom
Chicken Understood (Truncate Remix) – Heiko Laux & Diego Hostettler
Contrane – Emmanuel
Presence – Tadeo
Untitled – Back Burners
Untitled – Back Burners
Untitled – Back Burners
Untitled – Back Burners
Untitled – Back Burners
Motion The Dance – Untold
Pad Mode – Truncate
Camberwell – Elyas
Discharge – S100
Untitled – Back Burners
Matrix 1.1 – IXM
Plain – Marcel Dettmann
Vultura – DNGLS
Phloem – Back Burners
Untitled – Back Burners
No Exit – Planetary Assault Systems
Pericycle – Back Burners
SCTR – Regal
Mentally Induced Action – Oscar Mulero
Lidya Birkett – Ryan James Ford
Odeon – Function
Untitled – Back Burners
Primary Xylem – Back Burners
MR2 – NX1

Don Blaster [019]
Advanced Human [017]

The pace slows down a little this fortnight, but the vibe remains high with a selection of premium tracks expertly stitched together.advancedhuman
Advanced Human began his career in the early 90’s during the rave era in Australia under the name of DJ Hi-Shock. Now, he focuses more on producing and running his label,

Head to the artists page of the Elektrax website and feast on the massive amount of names. It’s an immediate beginning to discovering many new sounds from all over the world.
Reminds me a lot of ubu.com, essentially a data base for weird stuff (and sometimes not so weird).

This is a definite mix to download for car trips where you don’t want to be going 100km/hour. So maybe flick over to it when you’re driving through school zones.

Kristian Heikkila Feat. Petra Valej – The Killing
Jordan Louis – Binkie’s Jam
Tarbeat – Synoptic
Coeter – 98
SERi – Unknown Pressure 1
Mattias Fridell – Bengal
Advanced Human – Charisma
Tarbeat – Winter Noise
Pjotr G & Dubiosity – Closure
Antonio De Angelis – Singular Dream
Coeter – 148
Tarbeat – Synoptic (JC Laurent Remix)
Salvador Roibon – Master of Distraction
Micol Danieli – Disclosure
Pjotr G & Dubiosity – Anxiety
JC Laurent – Mighty Wind
Pjotr G & Dubiosity – The Fixer (Mary Velo Remix)

Advanced Human [017]
Lateral [016]

Lateral is a Melbourne local who steps away from the rhythmic conventions of straight 4/4 kick drums. Something which is heard less and less as Techno evolves.
On top of producing top quality tracks, he is a proficient DJ and has many mixes online to treat your ears to.

Make sure to check out his latest EP here named Piece By Piece. He’s very active on Facebook and Twitter, uploading little snippets and video’s of work in progress. Lateral
As well as this, his label’s website is also a great place to go for news, releases as well as more quality techno. D-REX our 9th Bomphcaster is also represented there.



Do you feel like there’s a trend in any particular direction in terms of the sound of Techno
coming out of Melbourne?

Melbourne seems to have a few varied sections of the techno sound within different
groups of people pushing and promoting their style of techno. I have been to many
events that range from the more house based techno all the way to the crazy, “sizzled”
sounds as ranked on the “Bomph meter.”

In terms of “direction” I cannot be too sure myself. It definitely seems to be dependent on
which style of techno you are into. People see techno as an expression. So the guys and
girls that throw these parties usually have a direction that they want to go down, which
isn’t necessarily the same direction another crew would go with. I guess what I’m trying
to say is that there are so many different branches and sub­genres of Techno that there
can’t really be a “trend.” I tend to think that techno lovers see themselves as more
individualist rather than trend follower… but hey… I could be wrong 😉

What are a few favorite tools of yours for production?

Lately it has been some steady use of parallel distortion/compression through
send/returns. But not just using it as a clean method to make tracks shine… instead, i
push the distortion plugs or compressors to their limits and dial small amounts back into
the original track. I don’t think i’ve created a track without it in the last year or so. Many
articles on the web will give readers an insight on the particulars of said method.
Other than that, the tools are just a few new synths and drum machines. The new analog
Rytm by Elektron is beautiful. The same goes for the Sub 37 by Moog. These two
machines can push some crazy sounds. I think I will be using them a lot in upcoming

Do you have any favorite venues?

My Aeon for the “Machine” nights which run once a month (usually last weekend of the
month). Andrew TIll and Simon Slieker are the nicest guys in my world of techno. They
are not only good blokes, but are extremely professional and always keep the quality of
their events as high as possible. I don’t think i’ve ever been let down there with the

Lateral [016]
Luigi Tozzi [013]

The Italian peninsula is known for its output of powerful, atmospheric and emotive techno, and Luigi Tozzi is just one supreme example of this type of sound. Hailing from Rome, Tozzi is a young producer and DJ who’s Luigi-Tozziinfluenced by the deep and atmospheric sounds that are coming from the capital city and whose contributions to techno have piqued the interests of Edit Select, Claudio PRC and Deepbass; producers who Tozzi has featured with on the Outis Music imprint. Tozzi has also released on Dynamic Reflection and swedish label Hypnus Records.

We really enjoy the vibe of this mix, as it takes you on a deeply introspective journey of the mind while allowing yourself to feel like you’re floating out in the cosmos.
There is no Q&A this round as Tozzie would like “the music to do the talking”. And it does it well.


Luigi Tozzi [013]
Kris Wadsworth [011]

Kris Wadsworth is a name synonymous with original sounding techno, in both meanings of the word. Growing up and absorbing the electronic music culture in Detroit set Kris on a path that would lead him to becoming one of Kris-Wadswroththe Techno Titans of our generation, a stature consolidated by his recent signing to Jimmy Edgar’s Ultramajic label.
Kris is strictly a vinyl only DJ because, as he says in his interview with Bomphcast (below), he sees “vinyl as the cornerstone of [techno] music’s identity”. We at Bomphcast couldn’t agree more. Vinyl DJ’s will by default consistently bring a party with deeper dimensions, as the skill involved in mixing records commemorates the DJ’s appreciation for the music and therefore the appreciation of a heaving crowd. His sets are no different.

Read more of the insightful and wide spanning interview below the mix.

Kris Wadsworth’s:

I first heard your record Uranus 333b from an Andy Hart podcast for Heist Recordings and it blew me away. Immediately after I had a listen to the other works of URANUS and began to wonder if there was an overarching direction/concept that the tracks were following and are to follow? Is this label a constant stream of consciousness and the tracks resulting from it? Or do you selectively produce and pick tracks to be on this label?

If you look into the astrological meaning of the planet Uranus, you may notice similarities in some of the things I have done with the label. Uranus inflicted a generational influence on human beings here on Earth. While my little label is not remotely as significant, the planet’s influence is without question. URANUS tracks are places I travel inwardly, where I really touch a nerve, which hopefully translates to others through the music outwardly. That is the feeling. It feels right or it does not. Only I know and I cannot describe it.

Also, it is strictly vinyl-only because I am still a vinyl-only DJ. Culturally, as a DJ and producer of electronic music for over 16 years, I see vinyl as the cornerstone of this music’s identity. Without vinyl records, there would be no model for CDJs, there would be no USB technology, and the acronym “DJ,” by definition, would not exist. It is the master medium for this music and always will be.

Aside from URANUS, you have a second record label called BREED. What differentiates the two labels from one another?

I think it’s important to release other people’s music. So after releasing my own music on URANUS without any association with nearly any other label for a period of years, I wanted to perhaps “give back,” and take on the responsibility many others have with my music in the past. URANUS is me. BREED is where I release stuff from people I know and will more than likely release specific things of my own.

Also, I recently signed with one of my oldest friends, Jimmy Edgar, for his label Ultramajic.

Kris Wadsworth [011]
Jordan Peters [010]

Breaking into the double digits of Bomphcast’s hall of techno is the vinyl junkie, Jordan Peters.
Initially Jordan began with DJing, finding an affinity with vinyl, but he now indulges producing as well. This upbringing behind the decks has inset a strong sense of what makes a great track and this influence can be heard in his productions.Jordan-Peters

As a DJ, he’s supported Marcel Dettmann, Truncate, Jonas Kopp and Ø [Phase] as well as playing at the Subsonic Music Festival. He also hosts parties in Sydney via his event organization called Anomaly Events.



You run a series of parties in Sydney called Anomaly. What’s the concept behind Anomaly and what do you think these parties bring to the table that is unique in Sydney?

Anomaly was started with my mate Gareth Psaltis originally as a space for our friends to play, and evolved into a series of parties touring some of our favourite artists. I guess a unique element of Anomaly could be the sound you can hear at our parties – the main musical style is deep and trippy, where you can get lost in the music on the dancefloor. I’ve definitely found myself completely lost in the music at our parties seeing artists such as Rabih Beaini blending Gregorian chants, middle eastern vibes and pounding techno, or seeing Dino Sabatini transport a whole warehouse to somewhere deep in space with his multi-layered psychedelic techno.


What made you decide it was the right time to start running parties around the city? What have you learnt from putting these parties on?

Our first parties were illegal raves in forests on the Northern Beaches of Sydney, the logistics were crazy and after a big party got shut down early into the night we transitioned into predominantly club gigs in the city. After putting on parties in a number of different venues and spaces, you learn how all of the different elements of a night combine to make the party – location, sound, lights, visuals, artists running order, they’re all important elements to consider in creating the right flow and vibe for a night.


Where do you see Anomaly in a few years time and what have you got planned for the immediate future?
Anomaly will keep touring artists we love and bringing new faces to Australia. We’re working on some parties for the remainder of the year, nothing has been announced yet so keep your ears to the ground (aka www.facebook.com/AnomalyEvents).
What is your take on the techno scene in Sydney and how have the lock out laws affected it? Is there something that gets under your skin about the music scene in the city?

The lock out laws have affected not just techno, but every music scene in Sydney. The positive from this is there are enough passionate promoters / DJs / producers / punters that will continue bringing the music. I think whatever government restrictions are imposed there will always be a way around it to keep the music going; start parties earlier, move outside the lockout zones, find new spaces… We can hope the lockout laws will be abolished, but for now there are still great techno parties week in and out.

Jordan Peters [010]
Bulaklak [007]

BulaklakBulaklak is a producer/DJ from Naples, Italy sporting the most labels to his name than we’ve ever seen. Comade Music, Consumed Records, Deepperfect Records, DTD Records, Frequenza Records, Hypnotic Frames Records, Hysterical, Kinetika Records, Little Helpers, Monique Musique, Moveubabe Records, Natura Viva, SUB Records and Theatre Records = 14.

He specializes in dark minimal techno with a natural focus on simplicity and quality. His mix is just this, but with a lingering sense of darkness being provided via spoken word samples.

His recent ventures include his Curly EP, a 21’st spot on Beatport’s Top 100 minimal tracks as well as heaps of remixes and original releases.


Bulaklak [007]